My transformation

This is a little section about me and my transformation of myself. Over the last year I've taken myself on a journey of weight loss and becoming healthier. I didn't do it because anyone told me, or because I felt pressured to by society. I did it because I wasn't happy with me. I had hit my highest weight ever at 179 lbs and I had had enough. So my made a decision and a goal. To lose at least 30 lbs in one year. And I did it and then some!! I was so happy to see those 35 lbs gone!

I didn't take any drastic measures. But these are the biggest key points I'd like to share

1. Eat the correct portion sizes and eat 5-6 small meals a day.

2. DO NOT eat preservatives, if possible eat all natural. Rule of thumb when buying food, if you need a chemist degree to read the first 5 ingredients on a label, then its not good for you. A good little saying to recall when stocking your pantry and fridge "Whatever goes bad is good for you. Whatever stays good is bad for you."

3. Stay away from the frozen meals! They are full of yucky amounts of sodium. That's the only reason they are edible is because of the amount of salt in them.

4. Eat everything in moderation. I didn't become one of those people who counted calories like a freak, and every once in a while I'd eat something that wasn't under my guidelines. Why? Because if I cut out that and told myself I couldn't have it, Id break my "diet" and cheat, so instead I would let myself have whatever it was I was craving once in a blue moon.

5. Limit your alcohol intake, lots of  empty calories and crazy amounts of sugar.

6. Eat your veggies and salad, but again, remember moderation and portion control when it comes to dressings and toppings. Cheese and olives have lots of calories in them and you can think you are eating great but then you just ate 700 calories in a salad. 

7. Look for foods that will help your metabolism. Like green tea, avocados etc, eat foods that are going to keep your metabolism constantly burning!

8. I used myfitnesspal, which is an app to count my calories and track my calories burned by exercise. Find a calorie counter, but don't become obsessed about using it!

9. Weighing yourself and taking your measurements. I only ever weighed myself once a week in the am after using the bathroom and right before my shower. I took my body measurements once a month and recorded them. I also took pictures! Biggest motivator there is! Just put on a sports bra, and some shorts and start taking pictures of yourself. As you lose the weight you will have documented every step and it will continue to motivate you!

10. Do not worry about the numbers. The numbers on the scale and the numbers in your clothes do not matter. What matters is that you are happy with how you look and feel and that you are healthy. If you obsess over the numbers you will only sabotage yourself. 

11. Understand that plateaus happen. So when they do, take some time off of exercising, or change up your calorie count for a day or two. You don't want your body to get in a comfortable place and not do what you want it to do.

12. Most of all, love who you are. Don't compare yourself to the other people out there. Each person has a different body type and will weight completely different  All that matters is that your journey is YOUR journey, no one else's and you are your biggest fan and your worst enemy. 

Beginning weight 179.0 lbs Spring 2011

179.0 lbs Summer 2011

 174.0 lbs(5 lbs lost) Summer 2011

169.0 lbs(10 lbs lost) Fall 2011

169.0 lbs (10 lbs lost) Fall 2011

168.0( 11 lbs lost) Winter 2012

161.4(17.6 lbs lost)

160.6(18.4 lbs lost) Winter 2012
160.4( 18.6 lbs lost) Winter 2012
159(20 lbs lost) Winter 2012

154( 25 lbs lost) Spring 2012

152( 27 lbs lost)

First day of  taking pictures like this. 169 lbs
day 35 160 lbs
day 95 156 lbs
Day 133 153 lbs
30 lbs lost

photo collage
from 179 to 145 lbs in one year. Im proud of myself!

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